Weight Plates

Weight Plates

Gym equipment in the form of Weights and Bars have always been considered a necessity for any fitness studio. Whether you are planning to include services related to powerlifting, Olympic lifting, HIIT, or general weightlifting, weight plates are a must.  Furthermore, a professional range of weights should be considered for your Studio Gym Fitout. It goes without saying that weight plates are a staple in the Home Gym & Commercial Gym alike. If your building muscle or strength training look towards our range. Commercial grade construction. Stock up on the latest selections of weight plates from our collection today! 

Here at Nirvana Fitness, Australia’s leading equipment distributor, we strive to surpass standards by stocking high quality gear at an affordable price. Coupled with our attention to customer service, we break the mold in the Gym Equipment supplier sector! Our comprehensive range, including a selection of quality weight plates, dumbbells and barbells will not disappoint. We’ve got you covered!

For more information on our hottest package deals or with any questions you may have, please call us on 1300 667 665 and speak with a fitness professional today! 

Looking for something different? Why not browse our other Weights and Bars range, including Barbells and Dumbells.


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