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Hex Dumbbells

Our range of Hex Dumbbells . They are super durable and made to commercial grade levels. Quality at an affordable price with an extensive range of weight levels available from 1kg to 60kg. These popular versatile Dumbbells are well suited to the Home Gym and Commercial Gym alike. These versatile dumbbells will not disappoint. 

What’s so good about Hex Dumbbells?

Having a set of Hex Dumbbells at your gym is essential. A simple solution for a durable weight that won’t loosen or roll away. Designed with ergonomic handles for increased comfort and improved durability. The rubber coating reduces noise improves the life cycle of the product and are also kinder on floor surfaces.

The Rubber Hex Dumbbells are suitable for anyone, whether they’re using light or heavyweights. A classic economical weight solution for any budget.

Better for beginners as you need to stabilise the weight you’re holding in each hand improves coordination and activates more muscle fibres overall.

Strengthening exercises will help beginners overcome strength imbalances. Using Hex dumbbells ensures you are working all muscle groups equally.

A safer alternative to a barbell. Drop the weights if you can’t complete a rep. Dumbbells like these are better for workout efficiency. It does not require racks, de-loads, and re-loads of weights on a barbell; rubber hex dumbbells make for much more efficient workouts. 

The heavy-duty rubber coating makes these cast iron heads sturdy enough to withstand even the most regular workouts. A solid fastening ensures the dumbbell heads and handles won’t loosen over time.

The handles are slightly curved for comfort and have a medium knurled chrome grip, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during training.

Available in a variety of weights that come in pairs from our Melbourne warehouse.


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