Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets

Deck out your gym with quality dumbbells at an affordable price! If you are a Professional Bodybuilder, an Athlete, a Gym Enthusiast, or a total gym beginner you will find the right Dumbbells to suit your needs here. Considered a staple for various workouts, level up your fitness routine today.

Dumbbells are the perfect companion for building muscles and versatile to suit any fitness needs.

Commercial pro-style and Rubber Hex Dumbbells are available in many weights. Buy individual weights or in complete sets. Adjustable sets that are ideal for those lacking in space are a popular choice. Some of our packages come complete with racks to store your weights. These come in both vertical and horizontal versions to suit you space.

Custom dumbbell and free weight colours are available to suit your company’s brand or individual style. Ask us how we can make this happen.

Workout with these weights, using resistance to tone and strengthen your muscles, or push the boundaries of your strength to build bulk. So versatile for working many muscle groups. In addition to this, dumbbells are great for burning calories! Enhance your endurance and muscle performance with these weights.

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