Olympic Bars

Olympic Bars

Not all Olympic Bars are created equal. For gym owners and equipment enthusiasts, finding the best bars are not just a matter of style and size. Our barbells are built commercial tough and backed by our 3year warranty. 

There are a variety of bars to choses from in our lineup. In this sense, we recommend that before your purchase, one should first consider the type of training you wish to do. For serious lifters and HITT style athletes, we recommend the professional-grade Olympic bars due to its inherent durability and superior grip power.

Furthermore, we carry a range of barbells to suit the top three exercises (the Deadlift, Bench Press and the Squat). These quality bars extend to a variety of other exercises also. In addition to this our line-up includes specialty Olympic Bars such as the Tricep Bar, Super Curl Bar, Hex Trap Bar and more.

Sweat up a storm and tone those muscles right away with our top quality fitness equipment at an affordable price.

Weightlift your way to fitness today with our premium selection of commercial-grade Weight Plates and Olympic bars only here at Nirvana Tech, Australia’s leading distributor for innovative workout tools, machinery, and sports and nutrition products. For more information on our newest bundle deals, exclusive discounts, and specific inquiries, dial 03 9548 9205 and speak with our fitness professionals and consultants today! Want to stay ahead of the game? For announcements on the latest news, products, and private sale events, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter.

Looking for something different? Why not browse our Barbells ranges, such as Other Barbells and find your ideal piece of equipment today!


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