Fixed Weight Barbells

Fixed Weight Barbells

Fixed Weight Barbells are commonly used for circuit training and HIIT. Firstly, they are compact and durable. Secondly, these barbells are an easy and economical addition to any home gym or commercial gym. The barbell is made from hardened chrome with the ends, weighted and coated in matt black PU rubber and clearly marked weights in kilograms.

These Fixed Barbells are available in 5kg increments from 10kg to 50kg. Available in the Fixed Weight Barbell line, we offer both straight barbells, and curved barbells. The curved bar is much similar in style to the EZ Curl Bar which a the deconstructed version of the fixed weight version.

Very simple to use, even the newest of workout rookies will get really positive results. These fixed weight bars are an easy to use solution. If you have the space and the flexibility to add these to their workout routine, you won’t regret it.

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