One of the most essential gym favourites that you should get your hands on is the right type of Barbell for your exercise needs. A must have addition to any home gym or Commercial Gym. Spare yourself from wasting money and time by banking on the finest varieties in the market today!

At Nirvana Fitness, Australia’s leading gym equipment distributor, we strive to surpass standards by offering the best quality possible at affordable prices.

Furthermore, our tried and tested professional-grade equipment stands the test of time. Commercial equipment comes with a ten year warranty! Our barbells are built to take a pounding day after day.

Our range

The Nirvana Fitness range of bars include the thinner diameter Olympic bar, ideal for dead lifts. With a Cerakote Coating, smooth turning needle bearings and a 1500LB maximum load, this bar is sure to please.

The popular Hex Trap Bar. A perfect way for athletes to practice and improve their heavy lifting, and more specifically dead-lifts while limiting the strain and risk of injury on your back. Secondly, they are great for doing “farmers walks” with too.

Nirvana Fitness Olympic standard barbells will not disappoint. Available as an 1000lb max load, 4 Bearing & High quality steel, or with a 700lb max load rating.

Another favourite is the EZ Curl Bar. Very effective for a multitude of arm exercises. The special shape and grip greatly reduce the risk of wrist injuries.

The Olympic Tricep Bar is ideal to isolate your triceps. Other exercises including hammer bicep curls and French tricep extensions.

Summing up, all of these bars are ideal to increase strength by squatting, dead lifting, bench pressing, overhead pressing. In addition to this, the trusty barbell is very versatile for a variety of other exercises. Some exercises may focus on curling the bar for bicep or tricep exercises. Perhaps you are more into the clean and jerk.  No matter what your style of training may be, we have the barbells for you!


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