Grip Strength

Grip Strength

Hand grippers have always been regarded as one of the most portable and compact pieces of equipment for bulking up the forearm muscles and strengthening your grip and the wrists. By adding this to your workout routine, it will become significantly easier for you to have a forceful grip on other gym equipment such as the barbells, cable machine attachments, ropes, and many more. So, whether you are looking for the traditional designs or adjustable grip pairs, we got you covered! Check out our wide breadth of budget-friendly grip strength equipment today!

Kickstart your fitness training with the premium pieces of strength equipment from Nirvana Fitness, Australia’s leading distributor for quality home and commercial gym gear at affordable prices. For more information on our hottest bundle deals, exclusive discounts, and specific inquiries call us on 1300 667 665 and speak with our fitness professionals today!


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