Training stations

Training Stations

Are you looking for the finest gym pieces to make your studio extra competitive? For a more holistic body transformation, we recommend the use of compact Training Stations with cutting edge performance. Unlike other machines, our commercial-grade training stations are perfect for switching between different exercises and weights in just a few seconds! Are you not sure of what to purchase? We will be glad to help you out! Depending on your space, training bias, and budget, we can recommend the best strength equipment and station for your individual needs.

Fuel up your workout training with our premium selection of strength equipment only here at Nirvana Fitness. We are Australia’s leading distributor of innovative Home Gym Gear,  Commercial Gym Equipment and fitness accessories. For more information on our training stations or other gym equipment please reach out on social media or call us on 03 9548 9205 and speak with our team today! 

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