Bench Press Rack

One of the most common pieces of equipment in a gym and an exercise most commonly associated with fitness, is a bench press. A Bench Press is the go to movement for building of the triceps, pectoral and anterior deltoids. Performed with either dumbbells of a barbell, this exercise can be adjusted and modified to work through a variety of movement paths in order to achieved the desired outcome, whether it be performance, aesthetics or power. A Bench Press Rack is the mechanism behind making the press safe and efficient. Setting up the weight in a stable and secure position without the hassle of bringing the weight from the ground to the start position will safe your energy, avoid unnecessary movements and keep your power reserved for that final two reps of your working sets. Racks can can be either fixed in the incline, flat or decline position, as well as be adjustable to vary between the set ups. The adjustable bench is more suited to the home gym set up where space is limited and allowing the largest range of exercises while keeping equipment minimal. The fixed angle Bench presses are mostly suited to the commercial studio or gym where space is more available. Either way, as important as choosing the right exercise is, choosing the suitable equipment is on equal level. The range of Bench Press Racks by Nirvana Fitness is of very high quality, are safe, reliable and most importantly, wont blow your budget. When selected the next piece of equipment for your training facility, checking out the Nirvana Fitness Bench Press setups, should be very high on your priorities.


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