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Gym benches have always been regarded as one of the most basic strength equipment in any commercial fitness studio that offers weight training exercises. By using benches during barbell presses, dips, or bird-dog rows, it will become significantly easier for you to perform these since you will have a much bigger room for mobility. So, whether you are looking for the traditional flat ones or adjustable fid types, we’ve got you covered!

Spice up your routine today by checking out our wide breadth of trainer-approved and commercial-grade gym benches. Jumpstart your fitness training with the premium pieces of strength equipment from Nirvana Tech, Australia’s leading supplier for innovative workout tools, machinery, and nutrition products. For more information on our hottest bundle deals, exclusive discounts, and specific inquiries, dial 03 9548 0205 and speak with our fitness professionals and consultants today! Want to stay up to date with our leading range of strength training products? For announcements on the latest news and exclusive sale events, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter.

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