Plate Storage

Weight Plate Storage

Commercial gyms or home studios have always put a premium on ensuring that the workout area is safe and secured. Boost your space’s aesthetic value and provide a sleek spot for your weight plates by installing dedicated plate storage. Aside from improving safety in the workout area, these plate racks are highly recommended since it allows easy access and tracking of the most used weight plates. Keep your studio sleek and tidy by grabbing the toughest and most practical plate storage solutions only here at Nirvana Tech!

Furnishing your studio with commercial-grade fitness and gym equipment is not as challenging as it used to be. In fact, the best deals, packages, and lowest prices are just a few clicks away! Here at Nirvana Tech, Australia’s leading equipment distributor, we strive to surpass standards by recommending a contemporary and flexible line of gym-standard equipment, machinery, and food supplements every day. For more information on the latest packaged offerings, exclusive discounts, and specific inquiries, dial 03 9548 0205 and speak with our fitness professionals and consultants today! For the latest news on our product offerings and exclusive sale events, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter.

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