Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments

Want to make your fitness studio standout? We recommend that you stock up with the latest Cable Attachments for your cable machines. Keep your studio at its competitive shape by stocking up on the most rigid and practical pull-up rigs and racks available only here at Nirvana Fitness! Unlike traditional attachments, we offer industrial-grade ones built for frequent use and are manufactured with the highest quality of materials.

Here at Nirvana Fitness, we make it a point to offer an unbeatable collection of the most extensive commercial-grade gym equipment, and accessories that are all guaranteed safe and are engineered to last a lifetime. Load up with the best gym equipment, functional trainers, cable attachments, and more! For more information on the latest equipment and discounts or should you have a specific question, reach out on social media or call us on 1300 667 665 and speak with our team today! 

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