Made To Order

Made to order
Single item made to order process.

You can directly order from our website and write a note on your order about what colour you want for an individual item. See our custom gym equipment page for colour and finishing examples.

It takes up to 1 month to gather enough orders to push the order to the manufacturing department. The workshop will take up to 1 month to complete the manufacture of your custom gym equipment.

Once the production is finished, it can take up to 1 month to be delivered to Melbourne. Once it has arrived in our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number with your selected couriers. Your made to order gym equipment should reach you within a week based on your location.

The total process takes about three months. During the Covid period, the sea transport may take more time.

Bulk orders

If you have an enquiry regarding multiple items, please contact our sales team to get a better price and premium service. Our sales team will help you with the whole process. If you need any advice regarding how to build a home gym, studio or commercial gym, we can offer you a free consultation as well.

Please check our Gym Partner Project page for additional discounts and benefits.

If you order more than 15 pieces of equipment. Your order can be fast-tracked and delivered to you within 45 days. Should you have the space, placing the container at your location will save you on a delivery fee.


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