Weightlifting Platforms

Are you looking for quality Weightlifting Platforms  as part of your gym flooring? Whether you’re launching your own studio or setting up a home gym, start off on the right foot with the Nirvana Fitness’s premier gym flooring platforms. Quality strength training starts with secure flooring, and the Nirvana Fitness gym flooring platform gives you the stability and support to transform your regular training into something extra challenging yet safe. The wood and rubber tiles allow for maximum grip plus shock and sound absorption. Wrapped with a quality steel frame these platforms are built to last.

Load up your Olympic Barbells with weight plates, perform your exercise and drop them on these platforms! Built to take a pounding workout after workout and protect your gear and your floor.

As a company, we’re here to support your workout needs from the beginning at the lowest possible price. From huge stocks of commercial fitness equipment to the different types of gym flooring varieties, we got you covered! 

For your expert gym technology and bodybuilding needs, do not miss out on the extensive range available only here at Nirvana Fitness. We are Australia’s leading fitness and speciality gym equipment provider. For the latest deals, exclusive discounts, and a wealth of additional information, call us on 1300 667 665 and speak with our fitness professionals and consultants today!


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