Gym Flooring

Quality high density Gym Flooring solutions for Home and Commercial Gyms. Firstly, heavy duty rubber flooring is a must for your gym! For instance if you are starting your own studio or building your home gym, you should start off on the right foot. Protect your equipment, your floor and minimise any potential injuries.

Above all, make sure you select a high-quality gym flooring solution that is built to last. There are too many  less than ideal quality solutions on the market. Go with quality and it will keep performing for years to come. Nirvana Fitness offers a range of rubber tiles and weightlifting platforms to suit your individual workout needs.

Premium Olympic Competition Weightlifting Platforms for the heavy lifters and 15mm and 20mm thick Rubber Floor Tiles measuring 1m x 1m.  Transform your regular training into something extra challenging and rewarding with the best support underfoot money can buy.

From huge stocks of commercial quality fitness equipment to a variety of gym flooring, we’ve got you covered for your fitness and bodybuilding needs.

For the latest deals and custom inquiries, give us a call on 03 9548 9205 and speak with our fitness professionals today!

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