Yoga Mats & Equipment  

Nirvana Fitness Yoga Equipment is made with everyone in mind. Yoga exercises provide unparalleled benefits. For instance, increased strength, balance and flexibility. Therefore, whether you are a pro or a total beginner, having the right kind of equipment will help. Ensure your safety while doing poses and stretches.

Unlike other fitness equipment, yoga mats come in different varieties and are made of various materials. For instance, take note of the mat’s appropriate size compared to your height and build.  Mat thickness, grip, material. Consider it’s appropriateness for your desired workout location and routine? Consider the use of a Yoga Block in your practices to help support or push your poses. Above all, know our yoga gear is suitable for Yin Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Pilates Mat Work, Meditation and more.

Start your Yoga journey right with Nirvana Fitness. Yoga mats guaranteed safe, durable and  engineered to last a lifetime. Enhance your yoga workouts and provide a safe space for practice. An indispensable piece of versatile fitness equipment. For the latest in gym equipment, professional advice and 24/7 support, trust only Nirvana Fitness. Australia’s leading distributor for quality fitness solutions. For inquiries, call us on 1300 667 665 and speak with our fitness professionals today!

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