Points & Rewards System


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Points & Rewards System


Our points and rewards system allows our customers to receive additional points as spending credit and get discounts on future purchases! Here are our rules regarding this system:

– To be eligible to receive reward points, you must first create an account on nirvanatech.com.au. You must make purchases on that account in order to be eligible in receiving reward points on that account only. If you believe that you have incorrectly made a purchase while not logged in to your account, please contact us and provide details of your order as well as account details and we may add points onto that account.

– 1$ spent on an item translates to 1 reward point received into your account (please be advised that not all products give points, you can see how many points you are going to get by viewing the product information on each product.)

– For every 20 points on your account, you will receive $1 in spending on future transactions. For example, if you have bought a product priced at $1000, you will receive 1000 points onto your account, this translates to a $50 discount on any following transactions.

– Points will expire after 180 days. Point balance and expiry of points are calculated by the date which the points are received by the customer. For example, If you receive 100 points on the 1st of January and 200 points on the 1st of February, Those 100 points received in January will expire in July. However, the 200 points will be unaffected by the first expiration and will still expire in August.

– Points cannot be cashed out of your account. They only exist to be used as credit in following transactions made by the customer.

– This points and rewards system is in ongoing development, Nirvana Tech reserves the right to make adjustments and revisions at any point in time. Previously earned points before any changes to the system will be unaffected.

– We may provide compensation in the form of adding credit to your account. Awarding these points is at our discretion, depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

Bonus Points

See the following information on how you can earn bonus points on your account:

  1. New accounts will automatically receive 200 points! ($10)
  2. For your birthday, you will automatically receive 400 Points! ($20)
  3. $3000 Spent = 1000 Bonus Points ($50)
  4. $10000 Spent = 5000 Bonus Points ($250)

How you can apply your points

You can apply your points at checkout, simply type in how many points (20 points: $1) you would like to use as a discount towards your purchase!


The maximum discount from points that you may use towards a purchase is 30% of your order total price.


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