Isometric Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Isometric Exercises You Can Do At Home

2020 has encouraged us all to think creatively about how we stay in shape, with our large gyms and unlimited equipment being reduced to our living room and the personal gym equipment we own. If you have felt out of sorts with your fitness goals this year but want to arm yourself with some home exercises to keep your blood pumping in the space you have, isometric exercises are going to be the best method.

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Isometric exercises, also known as static strength training, allow you to hone in on one muscle group through strong, intentional movement.

Isometric exercises can be done in a small environment (and often with limited equipment) as the goal is to hold the pose or exercise and not to lengthen the muscle.

Today we are going to highlight isometric exercises for each core muscle group that you can do from home.


      1.Working the core

Our core is activated at many points throughout the day and supports our other muscle groups when we move, lift and contract correctly. A strong core will always positively influence muscle growth and movement, and a quality resistance band will add some extra heat to any set. Some group core isometric exercises are:

  • Planking
  • Dip hold
  • Mountain climbers
  • Russain rotations

You only need a yoga mat and resistance bands to complete these core isometric exercises and should feel the burn in your abdominal muscles and obliques. If you have not isolated your core through these movements before, start slowly with less time under tension, or you might need a few days to recover.

     2.Power through the legs

There is a well-known trope that legs day is often skipped, and that is largely due to the heavier weights we allocate to this powerful muscle group. Like the core, setting yourself up for fitness success starts with strong legs. Be sure to break up the resistance with some leg-focused cardio which you can achieve with agility ladders. Some leg isometric exercises are:

  • Calf raise hold
  • Wall sit
  • Squats
  • Static lunge

Isometric leg exercises are straightforward to achieve at home, but make sure you are wearing supportive footwear, especially as you won’t have the matted flooring that you see in most gyms that adds a layer of protection. 

      3.Arm strength

It would help if you were significantly reducing your weights used from the legs as your arms are fatigued more easily, and the muscles are not as big. Contrary to what you may believe, you can get a great arm workout without weights, but if you have plyometric boxes in your home, that will open you up to even more arm exercises and dip depths. Some arm isometric exercises are:

  • Towel curls (instead of weights)
  • Triceps dips (from a chair or flat surface)
  • Wall push
  • Close chest press

Unlike other muscle groups, our arm muscles strengthen from more reps not necessarily from heavier weights. You are better off to fatigue from reps than to reach a point where the weight is impeding on your form and safety, as this is where you can do serious damage and cause you to have time away from your routine.

      4.Lower and upper back

Isometric back exercises should be in high rotation in your fitness routine, but they do require greater diligence in perfecting form. If possible, try and complete these exercises in front of a mirror so you can ensure a flat back, proud chest and form integrity. Some back isometric exercises are:

  • Superman
  • Cat stretches
  • Leg lifts
  • Pelvic tilts

Many core and arm exercises also activate the back, so make sure you are working the upper and lower back to achieve an even-strength distribution. When you build a rhythm and start to perfect your form, you can even start to incorporate light hand weights and dumbbells.

 Tracking your isometric performance

When you have incorporated these isometric exercises into your fitness routine, you want to be taking note of when this bodyweight is no longer giving you the appropriate time under tension or when your rep count can increase. Purchasing home gym equipment is going to level up your performance in all muscle groups, and you can be strategic with the equipment you buy so that they cater to all muscle groups.

Nirvana Tech is driven by helping people achieve their fitness goals and ensuring they are set up safely at home to push their resistance to the limits. View the full range of gym equipment on our website and contact our knowledgeable team if you are looking for something more specialised to your needs.

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