Gym Partner Project

Gym Partner Project

Do you want to open your own gym for around 400㎡ for less than $150K?  Do you want open a Studio Gym for under $35K?

The Nirvana Fitness Gym Partner Project is here to help!

There can be quite a few hurdles to jump over to get your own commercial gym or studio gym going. It can be pretty daunting for most people. The Nirvana Fitness Gym Partner Project responds to the need in the industry to streamline the process of opening up your own gym. Our team of fitness professionals are here to help your gym head in the right direction from the word “go”.

Not only do we help you with the right advice and support, but we can save you money and hassleBIG TIME!

What is the Nirvana gym partner project?

Basically, when you are planning to build your commercial gym with Nirvana, you are most likely eligible to become our gym partner. The only requirement from us is to allow us to send our customers (commercial only) to your gym for a short visit, in return you can enjoy the HUGE benefits listed below.


  1. Partner level discount: Based on your partner level we can offer you up to a 30% discount for most of our products. For example, you can get an excellent detail, huge commercial 5 stations for just $7699.
  2. Installation service: Sit tight and relax, we will arrange delivery and installation by our experts, no matter how big your gym is, we will finish it within a week and every single machine will be tested from lightest weight to heaviest weight. It’s free for our GOLD partners!
  3. Repair&Replacement: Don’t you feel pain when you fulfil the claim form when you have a broken treadmill or machine. After that, you may wait for ages to get a technician to come, then the technician tells you it’s not fixable, and you need to require a replacement. Then there is another 10-page long-form you need to write and maybe a few months to wait as well.  Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. We are confident about our product quality and we know how important to keep your business running. If any equipment stops working just send an email to your account manager; for most cases we could give you the solution within 24 hours, either we send a technician to fix your problem or you get a replacement as long as it is not artificial damage.
  4. Marketing: We will provide marketing help based on our thousands of website traffic per day. For our GOLD partner, we can help you set up a website, PPC campaign, and technical SEO as well. It will be done by our in house team, if you’ve ever tried to find an agency to do it for you you know what that means.
  5. Premium support: No matter whether you want to follow up on something or make a new purchase you will have an assigned sales to answer all your questions immediately.



So why Nirvana Fitness?

We provide a full range of gym equipment no matter what your requirements are when opening a gym. We have racks & rigs , plate loaded machines, pin loaded machines, cardio machines, weight plates, heavy duty mats and more.

We can also customise racks to any design specs you want. For example, if you want 10 meter monkey bars with 3 squat spots and weight storage between each squat spot, no problem; we can do that! Wanting them in a fluorescent green colour? We can do that too! There really is no limitations, if you can imagine it we’re more than happy to help you open up your dream gym with your idealistic vision in mind.

We truly are your one-stop gym supplies shop!


We proudly supplied great businesses/organisations below

Nirvana Fitness proudly provide full gym solutions to Australia Tennis for Australian Open events. The project required a dozen men to install a half-million worth of equipment for hundreds of pro tennis athletes within 2 weeks in multiple locations. It was quite challenging, but luckily, we completed the project ideally within the timeframe. Athletes were also surprised by the superb performance and quality of Nirvana equipment.


Nirvana Fitness has also completed many government-funded projects including school projects and council projects. Who doesn’t like hassle-free service, amazing quality and competitively priced equipment?


Nirvana Fitness have supplied hundreds of commercial gyms around Australia, the process of opening a new gym is nothing new to us, it’s our expertise. Our website is incredibly user friendly and offers an integrated gym builder/designer application, we also ship Australia wide and all of our processes are automatic; we handle everything from start to finish to save you the hassle!


Our reviews speak volumes

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our customer satisfaction. Based on this, we are proud to have the highest Google review rating for a gym equipment provider in Australia. 4.8 stars based on hundreds of reviews. Check out some of the reviews yourself and see what our happy customers have to say.

Google Rating 4.8


We can customise your equipment to suit your brand’s identity. This includes the colour and finish of the frames, attachments, seating and more. Ask about our extensive range of colours available (see following image). Further to this, take a look at our custom gym equipment page that goes into the options in more detail.

Need something that’s not on the list, just ask.

Frame coloursFrame coloursFrame colours

Should you like to customise your gym equipment from us, it usually ready to ship out to you within 2 to 3 months depending on the specific order. Furthermore, if you are happy to run with Nirvana Fitness branded commercial equipment we have plenty to choose from in stock now. Browse what is available on our commercial equipment in stock section on our website.

We are well know for our speedy customer support. This is a partnership, we will be there with you every step of the way and we are easy to get a hold of if you need us. Just reach out, we prioritise our customers needs.

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Gym Partner Project details

As a fast growing new brand, the most important thing for us right now is increase our brand awareness. We are willing to provide you an unbeatable price for any equipment you need. Furthermore, we will provide you with a range of start up guidance.

Depending on your needs, this can include:

  • Gym or studio planning from our experienced fitness professionals.
  • Accreditation guidance.
  • Branding guidance.
  • Website design.
  • Professional marketing strategy.
  • Ongoing digital marketing solutions.

The only thing you need to do is promote us on your social media! It’s that simple.

The greater your social media influence and following, means the greater the discount we can offer you. This project is all about win/win!

More influence - Greater savings


Let us help make your gym stand out from the crowd and help your business thrive!
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