Custom Gym Equipment

Custom Gym Equipment

At Nirvana Fitness we give you the ability to customise your gym equipment to suit your brand. Everything from the colours of the frames, the pull up bars, J hooks, the seating coverings and stitching, weight plate holders and much more.

If your building a custom gym, you know it’s not all about the look of the gear.  The real value of our customisation service comes from the ability to build gear to suit your specific needs, or that of your members.

Custom gym equipment


Need a rig and rack system with monkey bars 10 metres long – no problem. Want it in pink with chrome fixtures? We can do that too. How about wall mounted barbell holders holding bars as far as the eye can see? We’re the people for you!

We offer entire gym fitouts. From your concept, let’s build a solution with you that will fit the needs of your clients and your space. You can meet with us in person in our showroom to look over a variety of solutions, or give us a call should you like some more information on how we can help.

With 10 years warranty on our commercial gear, our gyms are built to take a pounding day after day!

Choose our custom gym equipment for:

  • Unique equipment solutions to fit your space.
  • Gym equipment that suits the style of training and classes you provide.
  • Build on your brand identity with gear that supports your individual style.
  • Expert advice from industry professionals.
  • Planning and installation onsite.
  • Customer support 7 days a week.
  • True start to finish custom gym solutions.
  • Ongoing evolution of your gear and special offers to stay at the cutting edge.

Nirvana Fitness is a company that can deliver your custom concepts for your commercial gym or studio gym fitouts.

custom gym equipment

Custom colours

Should you like to customise your gym equipment fitout, you can choose from any of the commercial gear available on our website. Thereafter choose the colour and finish that suits your needs.

Paint Plant

The Nirvana Fitness paint plant.

Colours include yellow, blue, jet black, matt black, textured black, orange, red, pink, apple green, warm yellow, grey, silver and white. Check out the images below that will give you a better idea. Further to this, should you want a colour you don’t see – just ask and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

Powder Coated Frames

All our custom commercial equipment is powder coated to withstand workout after workout!
Following are images that the colour range available for our equipment. Furthermore, there is a range of finishes available which include matt, polished and textured. Should you like a colour you don’t see, talk to us and we can make it happen!

Lime Green
Lemon Yellow
Sapphire Blue
Metallic Black
Matt Black
Metallic Grey
Polished Black
Crystal Black
Silver Grey
Metallic Silver

Have some other colour in mind? Let’s talk and make that happen to suit your brand!

Custom seat colours

See following the range of colours available for our seat, bench and pad coverings. Included in the range are our standard colours, premium (which offer a harder wearing and textured surface), and our two tone options with contrasting stitching. See the following colour swatches.

Luxury Black
Luxury Brown
Crimson Red
Lime Green
Wine Red
Dark Blue
Olive Green
Brown Beige
Rose Purple
Red & Black
Yellow & Black

Procedure and timeframe

Reach out to our professional friendly team to assist you to find the best solution for your gym.

Once you have paid the deposit, we will schedule your order to be manufactured. Once we have gathered enough orders to fill a container, the manufacture of your product will commence. This procedure takes a maximum of 21 days. Production time will take up to 35 days.

Once the production is finished, our sales team will send you the photo of your product.

We will book the container before the manufacturing department has completed production. In most cases, we will dispatch the container immediately once the production is finished.

The total process takes 45 – 90 days maximum. The quickest custom gym order we have provided took 45 days. Sea transport normally takes 16 – 28 days. Sometimes, if the sea transport has some problems, it may take more than 90 days. However this rarely occurs. We have only had that problem about three or four times out of the past hundred containers.

Summing up

You need custom gym equipment? We can provide all you need for your commercial gym or studio gym setup. High quality gear at affordable prices. Be sure to check out our Gym Partner Project to see how you can qualify for an amazing range of services and discounts of up to 50% off retail price.

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