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Our goal is to make fitness accessible to everybody and we are excited to reach and grow our community through our amazing affiliates. 

We always select individuals who we feel represent our mission as best as possible. We do not just look at followers but what message the influencer is promoting. We will always look to create a long-lasting relationship with our affiliates as we both hope to bring value to each other.


  • You are a predominant figure in the fitness industry and have cultivated a following based on your fitness experience and expertise. There are no rigid requirements on where your core following is based, as long as your core community is located online through a popular medium i.e instagram, facebook, youtube, website, tik tok etc. 
  • You have grown a genuine following and do not use ‘fake accounts’ or ‘bots’ to boost your following number. We can verify this using account analysation platforms.
  • The majority of your online posts and activity are in relation to the fitness industry. We are looking for passionate individuals who love to consistently share their knowledge of fitness with their community. 
  • We value individuals who express themselves and stand for their rights, however, we must make it very clear that all Nirvana Tech Affiliates must align with our morals stated below



We always want to align our brand with individuals who follow and express similar morals to us. We maintain the right to cancel any individuals affiliate link with us if they are to promote any of the following messages through their platform:


-Racism of any type

-Sexism of any type

-Fraud or promotion of fraudulent schemes such as pyramid schemes

-Promotion of illicit substances

-Promotion of pornographic content

-False or misleading fitness content i.e promotion of unverified and un-tested products for financial gain.  (Follow me get skinny in 10 day diet plan)

We offer our affiliates an uncapped commission rate of 5% of total sales driven through their affiliate links. You are free to promote this whenever and however you would like.
The commission will be paid every 1st of the month. There may have some payment delay but no longer than 7 days.
We also provide a special discount if our affiliates need equipment from us.
Affiliates will have different benefits base on the influence and contract, we will discuss together after we approved your application.
The benefits will be reviewed annually by performance.
  1. Register an account on our website
  2. Submit your application
  3. Waiting for our response(normally response within 3 business days no matter it’s approved or not)
  4. Discuss detail for cooperation
  5. Get commission!

You do not need to do anything except promoting your exclusive link.

Once you have been approved to be our affiliate, you could see a new tag in your profile which is Affiliate, in here you could track everything you need to know such as commission you earned, sales made because of you, visitors because of you, conversion rate by your link, etc. The data is a real-time update, 100% transparent!

Yes! You can change your URL to a more read friendly URL in the profile.

Affiliate Program

We can manually assign that customer to your list, we just need some evidence to be approved that purchase made because of you.

Even one purchase worth 100K we will still pay you the 5% commission. For commercial order it normally takes much longer time to complete, once we complete the order the commission will pay off immediately

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